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A winter for the record books, 2003
Updated Saturday, March 1, 2003
Over two storys...by the end of February the repeated snowfalls had been plowed into such high piles that finding more places to put it had become a problem for Valley and nearby municipalities. The mountain seen above is in the Libary Park at the corner of Lloyd and Roberts Street, the former location of the Nanty Glo UMWA Hall and the stores that once occupied its ground floor.
The snowbound recreational boat is parked behind plowed snow piles near the parking lot of the former Acme/GeeBee Market and the final location of Rinehart's Pharmacy.
Even many of the headstones in the Finntown Cemetery on upper Roberts Street are under the snow. The fence in the photo is four feet high, giving a perspective on the snowfall depth.

Friday, January 24 2003

Pat had cabin fever today so we went to town and took a few pictures. The picture behind the house was taken behind our house. We always receive several inches more snow than does the town. The temperature this afternoon roase to a balmy 18 degrees. Yesterday's high was 10 degrees after a start of minus 5 degrees.

Across Blacklick Creek, behind the Little Wheel
Behind the house
Flower shop across from Direct Value Outlet

Post Office, looking east on Chestnut Street

Polish Club on Pergrim Hill

Business on Lloyd, operated by Ginger O'Farrell and her daughters.
They do embroidery and other sewing work.

Library Park, corner of
Roberts and Lloyd Streets

Business at the bottom
of Pergrim Hill

Miners' Park at the intersection of Shoemaker and Lloyd Streets.


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