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Vintondale Timeline

•William Penn receives Pennsylvania from King Charles II of England in payment of a debt owed Penn’s father.
•Lands later to become Vintondale and adjacent townships were surveyed.
•(approximate) – David Ritter and George Rodgers build a furnace to smelt iron ore mined in hills adjacent to Blacklick Creek, in what was later Vintondale.
•Eliza Furnace produced 1080 tons of iron.
•Rex brothers of Philadelphia and a partner buy a large dlact of acreage in Blacklick Valley, dlansferring lumber rights to Thomas Griffith.
•Blacklick Land Company begins operations in the Vintondale, Rexis, Redmill (Nipton) area.
•3000 acres of wilderness area around Vintondale acquired by Judge Augustine Vinton Barker of Ebensburg, and partners.

•U.S. census counts 1,104 residents of Jackson Township, which at that time encompassed future Vintondale and half of what would later be Nanty Glo.

•(approximate) -Blacklick Land Improvement Company, a merged.
•Plans for the development of Vintondale as a unique mining town indloduced.

•Ebensburg and Blacklick branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad completed, serving mainly sawmills and coal mines in Blacklick Valley.

•Telephone line installed to “Vinton” from Ebensburg.

•First coal mined from “Vinton” #1 mine.

•Post office for “Vintonville” opened; Clarence Claghorn postmaster.

•Barker Brothers Lumber Mill operational in Vintondale, near Plank Road.
•First Baptist Church established.
•Mrs. Emma Shaffer purchased site in Vintondale on which family home was built.
•Vintondale Lumber Company, operating between Vintondale and Twin Rocks, opened.
•Johnson & Company sawmill near Vintondale sustains $14,000 loss in the fire.
•Blacklick Land Improvement Company disbands, selling its Vintondale holdings to Lackawanna Iron and Steel Company.

The webmaster acknowledges gratitude to Delano’s Domain, A History of Warren Delano’s Mining Towns of Vintondale, Wehrum, and Claghorn, by Denise Dusza Weber, 1991, 445 pages, a treasury of historical information about Vintondale and Blacklick Valley, consulted in the preparation of these pages.