Vintondale in 1938, Part 2 of 2

Play time: seven minutes, 10 seconds. This second of two video re-creations of a film taken in Vintondale in 1938 features hundreds of elementary and high school students, school teachers and staff, at the schools, and miners coming out of the mine. See the previous installment for details about how the video came about. The narration by Julius Morey, president of Vintondale Fire Company when it commissioned the film in 1938, was added for its transferrence to videotape in 1995.
The 1938 film also includes highlights of that year's Firemen's Convention, which will be posted here later, as a general-interest Cambria County video.

No Video Jonal this week. The Video Jonals are personal reminiscences made by yours truly, but since the processing of this video was similarly time-consuming, I will not be adding a new "Jonal" this week. Would love to hear from you:

                                                                                       — Jon Kennedy



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