Video 'Jonal' - #24

California snow - winter wonderland

over Silicon Valley

                                                                              February 2, 2009, Groundhog Day

It may seem strange, like carrying coals to New Castle, to put my video of California snow and winter wonderland high above Silicon Valley, California, on the Nanty Glo Home Page, considering that the Blacklick Valley has been under snow for most of the past month. But something seemed to be nudging me to do it. Maybe the idea is to share the sight and enthusiasm of kids who have seldom if ever before in their lives been in snow, enjoying it. The cast of the characters here are my son Michael, his father-in-law, Chris Redondo, and my grandchildren Brandi and Antony, with several "strangers" who generously shared their sleds and snow boogie boards to my grandkids. Being behind the camera, you don't see me, though my voice will be familiar to any who know it. These clips and stills (there is a collection of still "slides" in the middle of this action video) were taken almost three years ago, on March 11, 2006.

— Jon Kennedy



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2009 Jon Kennedy

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