Video 'Jonal' - #17

Cruising the Pennsylvania Turnpike

And I-99, from mile 200 to Altoona

In 11-and-a-half minutes. T
ne morning after we arrived at my parents' home in Altoona in 1987, after about 2,800 miles of driving from California, Dad insisted on driving us to Hanover near Gettysburg to buy something he thought I needed to trim my then-more-than-ample girth. This video captures highlights of the return trip via the Turnpike and US 220 (now I-99) from mile 200 to the Altoona city line. Seen in the car are my mother, dad, Michael, Kevin, and myself. The boys shot the footage when I was driving and then after Dad took the wheel, I concentrated on getting as much beautiful countryside as possible through the windows of Dad's then-new Oldsmobile.

— Jon Kennedy



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2008 Jon Kennedy

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