A written narrative of the 1999 tour of the Nantyglo area is available here.

A sister website for Nantyglo Wales and its twinned town, Blaina, is here.


A tour of Nantyglo, Wales,
with Trevor Rowson - Pt. 1

The webmaster and his brother, the late Thomas Kennedy, had the privilege of touring the historic coal mining and iron producing region around Nantyglo, Gwent County, Wales, in 1999 with that area's well-known historian, the late Trevor Rowson. Developments in video technology over the Internet recently acquired by the Home Page now make it possible to share the video record of that tour. Also on the tour was our host and driver, who arranged the meeting with Rowson, Jeff Jones of Nantyglo. This is the first of two parts (about 12 minutes each).

Part 1 | Part 2




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2008 Jon Kennedy

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