Lumber means major advance for museum


Video by Judy Rose

84 Lumber of Loretto made an early morning delivery on October 29 of 56 pre-engineered TJI floor joists that will be used as the base for the Liberty Museum's second-floor flooring and three 2"x12"x 24' boards that will be used in the construction of stairwells. The construction materials came with a price tag of $4, 620. As you can see, nearly 5,000 hard-earned dollars don't seem to buy much in today's economy, and the expense of construction materials is one of the prime reasons for Museum fundraising activities. The installation of the floor joists will complete the second-floor framing which will then lead the way for the application of foam insulation for the entire building. After the second-floor framing is completed, only two minor framing areas will be left for completion. Greg Farabaugh, a structural frame specialist, from iLevel, a Weyerhauser company, read the original blueprints and at a considerable discount redid the blueprints to meet the required specifications. After the flooring is completed, Mr. Farabaugh will then inspect the second-floor flooring to ensure it meets specifications.




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