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Historic Vintondale School Pictures

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The photo above was taken, according to the accompanying handwritten 'caption,' below (on far right, written sideways), 'about 1905 or 1906.' Connie Morris, who sent these photos to the Vintondale Home Page, says, they are 'from Odessa Miller Hershberger's photograph collection, provided courtesy of Ann Hershberger Williams.'


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Connie Morris reports that on the photos above, 'in the first row, the fifth child from the left, wearing a white shirt and tie, I was told is Ralph Miller.' In these photos, 'only the Miller children were identified. Backround information on the Miller children: The parents were Harry Ellsworth Miller and Annie M. Selders Miller. Harry was an engine hostler, ran a boarding house in Vintondale and was Justice of the Peace. Annie M. Selders was the youngest sister of Frank Selders who had the store in Seldersville [a section of what is now Twin Rocks] which I heard has been or will be demolished. Frank Selders was guardian of the Miller children when they were orphaned in 1910, though only one of the four children lived with him.' The photo below is taken at the bottom of the Eliza Iron Furnace. In it, Ralph and Odessa Miller are standing in the front row on the right side, next to a teacher. .

Connie writes: 'Photo #2 was taken about 1910. It [includes] Ralph Miller and Dess Miller. Ralph was born 1896 and Dess was born 1898.' Note that although the building seems the same in both photos, the building in the top one seems to be across a railroad track, with box cars shown in front of it, and it appears that it is under construction. The background building in the second photo looks considerably different. Also, the door of the school is open in both photos, but in the lower one it opens out. This may reflect a change in safety rules during the interim which mandated that public building doors always open out in case of emergency evacuations.

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