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Tour Ledger

$2262 Basic airfare from San Francisco to San Francisco

Via London, Budapest, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Frankfurt, Zurich, Delhi, and Hong Kong, booked through Delta Airlines and carried on Virgin Atlantic, Swiss Air, Delta, and Air Singapore; with side trips

$226 to Dublin, per person, via British Midland, and
$98 to Paris, per person, via the Eurostar "Chunnel" train from London

We also spent:

$25 each on the train from St. Petersburg to Moscow
$25 each on the taxi from Moscow to the Sheremeyevo airport
$102 each on a private car hire from Delhi to the Taj Mahal at Agra and back to the Delhi International Airport


$32 each for a Gray Line tour of Hong Kong Island.
$2770 TOTAL for all air and ground transportation, excluding transit under $15 per person. PLUS:
$843 ALL OTHER daily expenditures excluding souvenirs and personal property

divided by 20 days = $42.15 per day


[divided by 20 days = $186.50 per day]

See the daily chapters for each day's expenditures.

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