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This department publishes articles on travel and tourism in Southcentral Pennsylvania/Southern Alleghenies and Gwent, South Wales, to encourage local tourism; to help foster a tourist business in Nanty Glo and Nantyglo-Blaina; and publishes articles about tourism farther afield of interest to local residents hoping to travel abroad. Other tourism sites on the worldwide web are linked on our travel links page. Input from readers—articles, photos, or notes— about travel locally or farther afield is always welcome.
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New York City and parts of Pennsylvania. Webmaster Jon Kennedy and his son Michael (29) traveled to New York City and Cambria, Blair, Juniata, and Mifflin Counties, Pennsylvania, in August 2003....Scores of photos in six galleries.
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London, Ireland by rental car (again!), and Paris. We keep doing it till we get it right. Ireland—at least—that is. And this time we spend all our UK time in London (except for a half-day in Canterbury), and four days in Paris...356 photos in 18 galleries!
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Scotland's fabled Isle of Iona.    2001
UK & Ireland by rental car. Yes, you can rent a car in London and, crossing over and back via ferry, can drive it to all of both islands, but there are some hitches and cautions.... More than 400 photos in 13 galleries! Highlights: London's Eye; Isle of Iona.
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Southern Alleghenies, Pa, US

Most flooded city gets a boost. This article about Johnstown and nearby attractions, by webmaster Jon Kennedy, appeared in the Los Angeles Times in 1986. It was added to this site in February 2001.

Touring Blacklick Valley. This series of four pages develops a Blacklick Valley tour originating in Nanty Glo and continuing to Red Mill, the latest place to stay in the area, and the colorful Clarks' Farm Market near Belsano. 

Johnstown area wipes off the rust. This July 1988 article by your webmaster from the Cleveland Plain Dealer looks at the nine-county Southern Alleghenies area as it was getting ready to mark the centennial of the Johnstown Flood. Some of the details are now out of date, but it's still a good overview of looking at your backyard as a great place to visit.

Gwent, South Wales, UK

By rail to England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. Your editor's 1999 visits by Britrail+Ireland to England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, with Nantyglo, Wales, as the central focus, is now a full-length online travel feature with dozens of photos. 

Travel outside the Nantyglo areas

Ireland diary. Your editor's 1998 fly-drive tour of Ireland is a full-fledged travel feature with dozens of photos, including special effects. 

Around the World on $50 a Day. This is your webmaster's journal of his trip with his brother around the world in 1996. The entire text, with photographs, is online. New in 2009—22 short videos follow the tour around the globe

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Links: information on touring South-Central Pennsylvania

     Do Johnstown A guide to things to do in and around Johnstown, PA

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