Photos of Stonehenge, Salisbury, by Michael Kennedy - Index
Entering the Stonehenge world heritage park. Underpass from parking lot under highway. Wide angle Jon before the monoliths. Mike in foreground.
Threatening skies. Closer view. Wide angle. Another perspective. Druidic burial mounds on distant rise. In nearby Salisbury, ancient city wall in background.
Another Salisbury angle, viewing the wall. Cathedral spire in the distance. Another view of the spire over typical English buildings. Close-up of Salisbury theater front windows. Mike is dwarfed by the Anglican cathedral. A handful.
The nave. Close up of mason arches. Inside burial crypt. The choir. A side chapel off the main nave. Toward the altar.
An imposing statue and support column. Another crypt. Salisbury street view. Salisbury street view. Salisbury street view.  

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