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A distraught tourist sits on the wall above his disabled Renault, in Fermoy, 30 miles from Blarney The car was towed to the next town, Mitchelstown Paddy Power on Mitchelstown square, seems to be a betting parlor like Ladbrooks It's not Dublin, but it's as far as we get on our 'Dublin Day' It's not every day you see 'high class' meats hanging in the store window Next morning, our luggage awaits the Bus Eireann to Dublin
The view inside the bus After the bus, it's the train out of Dublin to Greystones The railroad parallels the Irish Sea, for 20 miles south of city center Our Greystones (suburban Dublin) bed and breakfast Dublin Area Rapid Transit - DART - takes us back to Dublin We had time for only outside views of Kennedy's in Dublin
Bewley's Coffee is one of Dublin's world-famous businesses Saturday night on Grafton Street near Trinity College; street is a pedestrian mall B&B interior was one of nicest Downtown Greystones Sunday morning at Greystones DART station Train approaches from Dublin
A perfect morning on the coast At the ferry station for North Wales, our disabled car waits to be boarded 24 hours later, our 'new' car in front of our Oxford, England, B&B Last pass through ancient university city, Oxford, Monday morning A campus landmark, Oxford Model Concorde British Air display at London's Heathrow
Familiar view from Heathrow's departure gates for American flights Colorful South African plane on the gate Airborne Last views of English countryside Glaciers seen from arctic portion of flight HOME - over American Southwest, Colorado River flowing into Hoover Dam

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