Bunratty Castle and folk park - photos by Michael Kennedy - Index
Before leaving, a last visit to Galway mall Last visit to Galway's mall Near Limerick, Mike leads the way into Bunratty Castle & folk park Beast of burden Thatched roof barn Thatched roof cottages are still occupied in some parts of Ireland
...they used to be the most common rural residence On the trail to castle, an Irish senior reads the sign Bunratty Castle close Entrances to castle Inside ground level Present castle dates to 1453, built by O'Briens
Depiction of how castle was organized for living Castle exhibit room Clippings of latter-day events; Jackie Kennedy was among visitors Mike on the Banquets are held here nightly Stairs down to dungeon
Stone circular stairway Dungeon cell Best view of Bunratty Castle In the living quarters, a medieval bed Knights' armour Storage space; implements on the wall
The great room Through a castle window, Shannon River Winged figures display family crests, double as light fixtures Chapel in the castle A luxury bed in medieval terms The family writing room
Whitewashed walls A formal bed Family dining room In the folk park, woman makes apple pie Rolling out the dough Mike
Wooden covered wagos as used by Wild Woodbine was Angela's brand...in Angela's Ashes A typical farmhouse (in folk park) Thatched-roof barn with a water wheel, on the pond    

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