Blarney - photos by Michael Kennedy - Index
The Internet Cafe from which we sent our dispatch in Cork, Ireland Blarney Castle, near Cork, is one of Ireland's most beautiful settings Rising over the trees Mike in front of the castle Da Castle was largely destroyed by Cromwell's forces (17th Century)
Tower rises 83 feet First stone castle on this site dates to 1210 Present structure was built in 1446 Tourists line up to kiss the Blarney Stone From the top level several former floors are exposed Three floors
The castle was built by Dermot McCarthy, king of Munster (one of Ireland's four provinces) Across the estate, the Blarney House, built in 1874 The kissing stone is the one behind Mike's back, kissed smooth A dell adjacent to the castle has many plant species View from castle window Badger's case in the foundation of the castle
Hermit of the cave scares tourists Mike in Badger Cave Also adjacent to the castle grounds is Blarney Mills, an outstanding tourist stop The castle dungeon is also open for exploration    

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