London to Dublin, Guinness. Photos by Michael Kennedy
Back in Dublin Near Temple Bar, one of the city's most historic and now 'hippest' district The Internet is never far away The 'wardrobe' in our hostel room First tourist destination, finally, after six visits to Dublin for webmaster Jon The Guinness Storehouse tours cost 10 Euros and are self-guided
Kevin in the gift shop A waterfall inside the building demonstrates that Guinness does NOT start out black It's the water...or was that Coor's slogan? No, it's the mash.... A machine The innards of the former brewery made over as the Disneyland of brewery tours
Finally, at the top of the building, the views are spectacular Click Finally, seats become available Kevin at the top The top as seen from street level Wider angle
Back to town and off for dinner Grafton is Dublin's pedestrian mall It's also the home of the city's most famous coffee shop, Bewley's, where we had Irish stew      

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