Paris - Notre Dame Cathedral.

Our first major sight-seeing stop was Notre Dame CathedralStatues and friezes above the entrance; Old and New Testament characters are shownA throng inched inside during a vesper serviceBeyond the altar,the Rose Window, world's most beautiful stained glass windowThousands of candles help raise funds for the cathedral and lend a worshipful atmosphereBack outside, exterior shots
The rear side of the buildingThe whole edificeThe cathedral occupies an island in the Seine. Tour boats are seen in the foreground.StatuaryStatuaryNotre Dame was restored after Victor Hugo's 'Hunchback of Notre Dame' became a world classic novel
The book's popularity redounded to the cathedral and made fund raising much easierIt is also famous for its gargoylesGargoyles...Gargoyles...Gargoyles...Gargoyles...
and more gargoylesThe cathedral in last light
Photos by Michael Kennedy

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