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Archive of articles from earliest to most recent.
Articles 1 through 29 appeared in the Times Newspapers of San Jose in 1994-1997
"Theophilus" was the pen name for religion features by Jon Kennedy, then the executive editor of the Times newspapers
Articles 30 and 31 were written especially for this website
Article 32 was written for Re:Generation magazine

1. January 1994 How to choose a church
2. February 1994 Overcoming disappointments with the church; readers' suggestions
3. March 1994 Third in a series: a reader questions Schuller's orthodoxy
4. April 1994 What to do when 'the faithful' let you down - a reader's journey from charismatic evangelical to Orthodoxyn
5. May 1994 One more look at finding the right church
6. June 1994 Clinton administration's attacks on 'religious right' show lack of understanding
7 and 8. July
and August 1994
A San Jose attorney's journey from evangelicalism to Eastern Orthodoxy
Letter describes descent from evangelicalism's heights; a challenge to 'Theophilus'
9. September 1994 The migration of Protestants to Eastern Orthodoxy—"I now believe Orthodoxy is right about the inadequacy of 'sola Scriptura'"
10. October 1994 Comparing the teachings of Protestants, Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox
11. December 1994 If Jesus was born in 5 BC, is 1995 actually 2000 AD?
12. January 1995 Letter writer-minister compares teachings of Scripture to those of Orthodox Church; Theophilus replies
13. February 1995 C.S. Lewis: influence of 20th century's top Christian writer continues
14. March 1995 Three recommended books about Christian heroes and their ideas
15. April 1995 Evangelical-Roman Catholic document outlining mutual concerns; the complete draft
16. May 1996 A young man's journey to Orthodoxy from Anglicanism
17. June 1995 A letter from a student at Yale challenging Theophilus
18. July 1995 Answer to a reader's questions of C.S. Lewis, Orthodoxy, evangelicalism
19. August 1995 Interview with San Jose Roman Catholic Bishop Pierre DuMaine
20. September 1995 A Lutheran asks: "Please don't call us Protestants"
21. October 1995 Book review: Ultimate Things, an Orthodox look at the end times
22. November 1995 "Onesimus" challenges Theophilus again on Lutherans as Protestants
23. December 1995 New Roman Catholic Catechism a historic milestone
24. January 1996 "Baptist bride theory" maintains that Baptists are the real apostolic church
25. April 1996 Letters: Pastors oppose benefits for "domestic partners"; reader appreciated fresh approach to RC Catechism
26. June 1996 Twenty questions to further dialogue among Christians
27. April 1997 Bright Week is Orthodoxy's "eighth day"
28. June 1997 It's Scripture "and," not Scripture vs. Tradition
29. July 1997 'Biblical Pluralism' might be the key to racial harmony
30. May 1998 An Orthodox defense of Calvinism
31. July 1998 My journey to Orthodoxy
32. January 2001 Two icons of anguish of Russian Orthodoxy

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