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Shoemaker Street circa 1910, and today

The postcard at left above shows Nanty Glo's Shoemaker Street, apparently taken from the north side of Blacklick Creek, and is dated 1910. William Martin, who owns a copy of the same postcard, says the Krumbine Funeral Home occupied the second story of the yellow building at left. The large white building at the corner occupied for a long time by the former Mary Swigle's tavern, was then the St. James Hotel. T. P. Burns' meat market is the rightmost beige building, with the two-story porch in front. The two people standing in front of the store (scroll down for a larger rendering below) are wearing what is likely almost floor-length aprons. One of them is possibly T. P. himself, though that cannot be confirmed. The building next left, with first-floor arched windows, was the Cambria Mercantile and the Company Store. It was later moved out Shoemaker Street to the lot now occupied by the Wolfpack Pizza (formerly Fox's Pizza and before that, Sheetz' convenience store and, digging back into the memories of real old-timers, the Italian Club). The Blacklick Creek water looks more blue than orange as seen here, but it's now reverting to its former and more pristine state.

“Slide show” of old Nanty Glo sights


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