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News from Marty McMullen    cont.

this years reunion. We have selected a Halloween theme for the day so bring a costume and supporting paraphernalia to the reunion. Highlights will include a parade, trick or treat visits, prizes for the best decorated tents or RVs and hair raising scrams. Lets make it a day to remember for the kids and plan on participating. Keep this as a reminder to bring costumes., treats, etc.

We were saddened to hear of the  passing of Paul "Bucky" Buckwalter. He was one of our favorite uncles and I personally am going to miss sharing war stories of M. Ricklus the CEO of Rapid American Corp., whom we both worktime. We worked  for

Different corporations in different eras so we had good coverage of Mr. Ricklus's escapades and encounters with stockholders, his wife Pia Zadora and employees of his many corporations. He could tell a great story. I will miss him.
Jimmy and his complete family recently spent a week at Disney World. I'm sure he will have some good stories to share with us at the reunion..

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