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News from Marty McMullen cont.

ordeal end.
Barb and I won a prize in a Blockbuster (the video people) contest for 4 days and 3 nights in Washington, D.C. They put us up at the Watergate Hotel (way overpriced at $475 a night). The prize included 3 tours in the D. C. area.

At the Ford Theater and meals in some great restaurants, one highlight of our D.C. a stage show at the Ford Theatre and meals in some great restaurants, one highlight of our DC visits was a backstage tour of the Whitehouse. We stood in the oval office, checked out Monica's hall, the rose garden, the press room, the kitchen (surprisingly small), the library and other interesting behind-the-scene spots. There is so much to see (all free) in the D.C. area that 4 days is not enough time.
The McMullens have been charged with the responsibility for children's games and recreation at

News from Joe & Fran Lees

We have had a wedding since last we talked. Our youngest, Stephanie, got married in February (27th) to Chuck Allen. They are living 10 minutes away from us. He is a very nice young man and they are very much in love.

Mike, our middle, is finally getting his degree in August in Business Aviation and Pam, our oldest, got her master's degree in BD, LD teaching.

We are very proud of them.

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