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News from Marty McMullen

Hi, hope everyone is having a great summer. The McMullen clan is looking forward to the yearly McMullen reunion which will be held at Ocean Pines, MD. On June 27th. We don't get the attendance of the Shaw reunion but we usually manage to get close to 100 people and have representatives from most of the 10 McMullen families. Most of the attendees stay for a full week so there is time for plenty of golf, sunbathing and general BS sessions. Anyone from the Shaw family in the area during that time is certainly invited to attend.
My wife Barbara and I recently visited Ellis Island and the statue of liberty off the coast of New Jersey. It was truly an educational experience. Some 40% of the U.S. population can trace someone in their family through Ellis Island so we assume someone in our family came through. Talk about being determined under rough conditions, they were real troopers. They have an honor wall which lists names of people who came through or had relatives who came through Ellis. We found two Delehunts and six Shaws on the wall. (No one we recognized). Everyone should put this on their list of places to visit.
Lisa and Rob Fredd had their second child, Ryan, on Jan. 22, 1999. Lisa and her sister Connie have taken time off work to raise their new babies. Their sister Joan, whose children are both in school, has been promoted to supervisor of nurses at the Delaware Division of Chase Manhattan corp. She is busy enjoying the experience and perks associated with a corporate nursing job. She recently came through a bout with breast cancer. The chemo and radiation were successful and we are all thankful to have that


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