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We're Back in Print

By Shawn Penn

Okay, so I'm a bit late, what is that saying, Oh yeah, better late than never.
Well,  let's start from the beginning. January 12th of this year I started working, I am the office manager for a small firm here in Palm Bay that specializes in automatic gate openers. The job was suppose to be part time but my boss's girlfriend was placed in the hospital in February with Lupus and things got a bit crazy from there on. My part-time job was now full time. Sadly to say that my boss's girlfriend didn't make it, she died May 16th . I am now back on my part time hours and have some extra time (if there is such thing) to get these newsletters out.

In late February or early March, Kip, Mom and I got a pleasant surprise by a visit from Aunt Betty, Aunt Reta and Uncle Harry. They were on their yearly month long vacation to Florida. It was really great seeing them. Next year we should have a camp site ready for them to park their camper here at the house and visit for a few days.

The last part of March, early April we had another surprise. My best friends Steve and Carol Hall from Ohio came down for a weeks visit, with their children Steve and Dana and their friends. Steve and Carol were due here Sunday. Kip and I were out front Saturday getting things ready for our guest when this big silver truck pulled up into our drive. I nearly fell over when I finally realized that it was my brother Dave with his girlfriend Sandy. I had just talked with Dave on Thursday over the phone and he didn't say a word about a trip to Florida. Needless to say mom was elated to see her boy. So we definitely had a house full. It was great, lots of food, lots of sun, (a lot of sunburns for all  those Yankees) and a lot of tears when everyone left to go back to Ohio.

In early March, we bought the two lots next to us. Our plans are to enlarge the yard so there is room for a pool, and set up a spot for campers that come down to visit.
So that brings us up to date on Wesley Shaw's family. We are enjoying the Florida life, all of us are doing well and invite all of you to just drop on in whenever you get into the neighborhood.

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