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Descendents of
Clinton Guy Shaw
Annie Elizabeth Delehunt

Annie Elizabeth Delehunt was confused. "How could he do that?, she thought. Young Clinton Shaw had just bet her a nickel that he could kiss her without touching her; and she was curious as to how he planned to accomplish such a deed. Finally, her curiosity won out and she agreed to the bet. "Here's your nickel, I guess I lose." Clint laughed after planting a huge kiss on Annie's unsuspecting lips! Annie, not too disturbed, joined the laughter.

Thus began the beautiful friendship that led to the eventual marriage of Annie Elizabeth Delehunt and Clinton Guy Shaw in Portage, Pennsylvania, the year, 1909. From the roots of that marriage emerged offspring which would spread in ever-widening branches, twigs and leaves of a family tree which we will endeavor to follow. Let's see where they lead us.

     My research shows that Annie Elizabeth Delehunt was born  October 29, 1889 probably in Portage Pa. (Cambria County). Annie's parents were Irene L Piper born May 2, 1865 and John Edward Delehunt born December 28, 1858 . John and Irene were married on November 20, 1884, they also had two boys, John Lewis who died when he was three and James Deacy born February 26, 1893 and died October 20, 1958.
     Irene Piper's parents were Elizabeth Wright Weaver and John Davidson Piper. Elizabeth was married to Silas Weaver and had one son William. Silas died and Elizabeth married John Davidson Piper. Not much is known concerning this family.
    John Edward Delehunt's parents were Lewis Delehunt and Amanda Elizabeth Long. Lewis Delehunt was the son of Edward Delehunt , Edward was born in Ireland in 1798 and came to America sometime in 1820. Amanda's parents were Anthony Long and Mary Ann Coons

This page is dedicated to my father John Wesley Shaw, he left us way too early and I miss him terribly for not only my father but also my best friend. He truly was the wind beneath my wings.

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