Jim Martin

6999 May Hollow Road
Emporium, PA 15834
email: sevenj@adelphia.net


Nanty Glo-Vintondale
High School
Class of

U.S. Marines, 1958 - 62

Retired Machinist

Works summers for Pennsylvania State Parks

Married 1963 (the day after JFK was assassinated) in Erie, Pa., to Judy Wood from Ridgeway, Pa. Have five sons, 11 grandchildren
Jim, Judy, Jimmy, Jody, Jeff, Jack and Jay are the "7Js." 

  • Jimmy: Retired Marine Corps MSgt. Married to Suzzanne. Lives in Key West, Florida.
  • Jody, Mill Wright. Wife Jennifer. Three daughters. Lives in Fredonia, Pa. 
  • Jeff: Warehouse Manager. Three sons, One daughter. Served on a destroyer U.S Navy. Lives in Johnstown, Pa.
  • Jack: Insurance district Manager. Two daughters. Served in 82nd Airborn U.S Army. Lives in Port Alleghany, Pa.  
  • Jay: Computer networker. Wife Tara. One son, one daughter. Played trumpet in first U.S.Army band. Lives in Birmingham, Alabama. 
Interests: Registered 7j as a cattle brand. Buy, sell, trade andómost importantócollect knives. Mostly interested in Case folding knives; have a small business, 7j Knives; more hobby than business.

Email:  sevenj@adelphia.net