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September 24 1942

Salvage drive starting here in a United Effort Being Made to Collect Needed War Material 

The junk salvage campaign being waged throughout the nation, to gather in scrap metal and other scrap materials so vitally needed for war production will be pushed in this territory from September 28th to October 17th, inclusive. Scrap iron and steel are needed especially to help keep the steel mills rolling and producing.

A local salvage committee has been organized in Nanty-Glo to conduct the drive, with Henry Austin as general chairman, John Hayes, Secretary, and Harry Feeley, treasurer. Others named on the committee included Thomas WoodringDavid Emerson, Emilio Luigi, Thomas Stafford, C. H. Bowers, Tony Gentile, Thomas Bello, Pat Herbert, H. O. Eldrige and John Sharpe, each assigned to some special duty.


Not all of the Committeemen working in the recent Scrap Campaign appear in the above photo after the Junk Rally alongside the Municipal Building, Saturday afternoon. Shown, Right to left are, Henry Austin, general chairman, T. A. Bello, Thomas L Stafford, Burgess C. L. Davies holding a Civil War army musket that had been donated to the drive, Emilio Luigi, John Hayes, Tony Gentile, and Herman Shedloff. 

The next photos were taken during the progress of Nanty Glo’s salvaging of scrap on Saturday by John Moore, a local amateur photographer. The Top picture shows Joe Monfordini truck with Pete Kinash, helper and Tony Gentile, driver, at left, and Eino “Red” Malcotti’s truck with Mario Malcotti, driver, at right.

LaMantia truck with Floyd Thomas, driver and group of helpers 

scrap drive

The next picture is of two borough trucks, workers reading from left to right James SmithDavid Emerson, driver, Paul McEvoyHenry Austin, general chairman, and Emilio Luigi, driver. Also helping to deliver scrap was a truck from the Springfield mine furnished through Thomas Stafford, Heisley Store Co. Truck delivered several loads. The Use of all trucks was donated by the owners, as was the gasoline to operate them. Joe Corti truck driven by his brother Valley Corti was also used during the forenoon.

scrap drive

Below is a view of scrap heap collected. Approximately 150 tons, mostly collected in a one-day cleanup. Matt Calandra, Cresson junk dealer, is paying $12.00 per ton for the scrap and having it hauled away this week.