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National Women's History Month

March 7, 2009


March is National Women's History Month. Below are the links to Where Are They now features I did on women who in their own way are part of Home Page Country history. Please take a few moments to revisit their features.

http://www.nantyglo.com/jonal02/sep2302.htm ( deceased)




Bragging Rights

Our grand-daughter Clelsea is a freshman at St. Francis University in Loretto. We were recently informed that she has been named to the University Dean's List. Below is a scan of her Dean's List certificate and congratulatory letter. A small group of university students, including Chelsea, were chosen to spend a semester in Ambialet, France, living and attending class in a monastery owned by Saint Francis University. Chelsea has been keeping a blog of her experiences in France. www.ChelsealovesFrance.blogspot.com

Please feel free to check out the blog and leave a note.



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