Down on the Farm
Act II,August 30-September 1

Well now! 

Now that we have a feel for holding family reunions, it’s once again that time of year to start planning ahead for the second Paul/Rummel Reunion – at June Miller’s Farm, 161 Harry Road, Strongstown, PA 

For those of you who were unable to attend the first Paul/Rummel reunion last year, let me say that you missed a truly moving and awesome experience. We’re hoping you’ll make every effort to be here for the second one. You won’t regret it.

Dates for this years reunion are August 30 thru Sept 1 – or any day before or after!  Once again you’re not only welcome to, but encouraged to bring campers/tents to stay over as long as you want. Or do as I did last year; throw mattress/pillow/blankets in the back of the van/truck/car. There’s plenty of room out there on Aunt June’s farm.  It was pretty darned cozy and fun!

As for financing the event, like last year we are accepting any size donation you wish to send. We appreciated those who sent $$$ in advance to pay for the set up costs etc. Likewise we appreciated the generosity of all of you. The entire event was paid in full, with about $3.27 left over. 

For those who didn’t attend last year; the locals brought huge, delicious covered dishes, and the monetary donations paid for a stuffed roast pig, beer, soft drinks, condiments and eating paraphernalia.  We’re going to fly by the seat of our pants again this year; but are hoping to put a committee together to take charge of future events. 

Allow me to make a few suggestions for this year.  First of all, if you’re sending a monetary donation, please mail it by early August.  If you’re traveling long distances but still want to provide food for the buffet, consider that there are pizza/sub shops etc. that we can order from.  Some deliver, but “town” isn’t that far away for a quick pick-up.

We’d like to play some games this year, so wrap and bring all those gift items that you’ve had put away for “25” years that you couldn’t use or simply hated. i.e. soap, perfumes, scarves, neckties, stationery, craft items, kitchen utensils, toys, towels, tools etc. etc. etc. etc.   You know the ones  we mean!  Mark the outside of the package as to what gender or age group it belongs, i.e. man, woman, boy, girl, etc.  Stock up on bags of penny candy too, and bring them along for the kiddies. We need all the help we can get. Any suggestions you may have for me are greatly appreciated.  e-mail or write to me.  My e-mail:

Please don’t forget to bring your cameras and your fold-up chairs. For those who weren’t here last year, bring your bathing suits/towels. We’ll also be playing horseshoes, and baseball. Bring anything you want along to add to the activities, badminton, volleyball etc. Old family pictures were a big hit.

Trudy already has some entertainment lined up, and we’re trying to put together a hayride this year.

We’ll have a cozy bonfire in the evenings. So it promises to be a lively and fun weekend.


Trudy Myers

170 Old Nanty Glo Road
Glo, PA  15943