Rexis from Blacklick bridge, late '30s

Ray Hunter writes: "This photo is of Rexis and was taken from the old iron bridge by Thomas (Tim) Kasper, some time in the late '30s, I would guess. Tim's daughter, Joanne, still lives in Vintondale and runs the store where Nevy's used to be. Joanne was going through some of her Dad's stuff and found a roll of undeveloped film—the Rexis photo was one of those on the roll. The first house in the photo on the left is no longer standing; my Uncle, Jim Hunter, bought the house and dismantled it for the lumber. The second house is currently owned by Jim Hegedus. The third house is where I grew up. My parents still live there. Merle Hunter will be 89 in July and my mother, Winnie, will be 86, also in July. The photo was taken in the winter and the C&I siding is still clearly visible. Most of the other houses are still much the same.

Submitted by Ray Hunter
March 2, 2001

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