Photos of historic Belsano farm

These photos are from Belsano's historic farm that was once was the home of the town's most distinguished resident, Cambria County Judge Samuel Lemon Reed (1864-1934). Above, construction is shown underway on the Benjamin Franklin Highway, US 422, the photo apparently taken from the C&I Railroad overpass, the Victorian-era farmhouse in the photo's upper right (scroll the window right). At middle right, the barn with its Mail Pouch advertisement is seen as it looked in the 1970s. Below, the house in its heyday. The 178-acre farm includes the well-known Belsano Triangle Restaurant. No dates were available with these photos.

Among other contributions to Blacklick Township, Judge Reed was the founder of and built the Reed Vocational School which soon afterward became the Blacklick Township High School, and endowed reconstruction of the former Methodist Episcopal Church in Belsano (the brick edifice of today, built in 1935).

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