June 6 2000

Nanty Glo Home Page ranked
in top 20 percent worldwide

WebsMostLinked, an independent Internet services company, reports that the Nanty Glo Home Page worldwide web site is in the top 20 percent of pages surveyed worldwide. Though far, far below than top-ranked search engine page www.yahoo.com, the Nanty Glo Home Page is ranked 84,149 out of 435,167 in the WebsMostLinked.com database, putting it well within the 80th percentile or top 20 percent of sites linked worldwide. Webmaster Jon Kennedy, the owner of the domain serving Pennsylvania's Blacklick Valley, said this is an unexpected pleasant surprise in view of the fact that the site gets virtually no outside promotion and no strictly commercial traffic (the only “advertising” on the site is an exchange banner with and for other sites near the bottom of the front page).

Some of the other Cambria County and Johnstown-area webpages linked on the Nanty Glo page have declined to reciprocate, though two of the largest have done so, Southern Alleghenies and the Rootsweb Cambria County page. The latter links directly to our Nanty Glo and Vintondale pages as the source for local genealogical and historic information, in fact.

“We have checked your domain's popularity and ranked it relative to the other domains on the net,” an advisory from WebsMostLinked reported. Anyone can see how the Nanty Glo Home Page and other sites stack up to the other domains in the world by clicking here and entering the domain's address or URL: http://www.websmostlinked.com/t.cgi?wmlm15.

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