An open letter from the webmaster

September 22 2001

Open letter to the purveyors of phony "Nanty Glo Home Page":

Your page linked at http://--------.htm* identifies itself as the Nanty Glo, Pennsylvania, Home Page. Please know that since 1997 I have been the webmaster and owner of the copyright of the original and only real Nanty Glo Home Page. I have invested thousands and thousands of dollars worth of personal capital in making this site, registered to my company,, a viable entity.

You purport to publish and report Nanty Glo news and Nanty Glo photographs, but the site has actually no local news, no local articles, and no photographs of or even relating to Nanty Glo directly. The real and duly registered Nanty Glo Home Page at, on the other hand, has hundreds and hundreds of stories, including news reports, about Nanty Glo. It includes in fact some 1400 html web pages directly related to or created by Nanty Glo and former Nanty Glo-area residents.

You purport to include a page of links to local services and pages, but have no such links, not even one to the real and original Nanty Glo Home Page. I respectfully submit that your apparently Florida-based commercial endeavor is nothing more than that, and that in using our name and the name of our town you are perpetrating a fraud on the Internet-using public.

I humbly submit that before you launch a web page you should do at least cursory research to see if there is an existing page using the same name (the Nanty Glo Home Page at is found among the top 10 hits under "nanty glo" on just about any known search engine). I further request that you cease and desist from your use of the name Nanty Glo Home Page.

Thank you,

Jon Kennedy Webmaster, Nanty Glo Home Page & Nantyglo Home Page |
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*The page address is being withheld here in order to prevent furthering its damaging effects.


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