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HBO World War II miniseries "The Pacific" anticipated

March 14, 2010  

Recently I wrote a Sunday article about Jack and Carl Sharpe, next door neighbors during my Nanty Glo boyhood days, participating in wartime action during World War II in the Pacific island-hopping campaign. The island of Peliliu was cited as the location of one of these hard-fought battles.

I was unaware when I wrote the article that a much anticipated HBO miniseries titled "The Pacific" was soon to be released, beginning tomorrow, Sunday March 14, and I am anxiously waiting to see it. Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks produced this series and reportedly captured the hellishness of war.

There is much discussion in the press and on TV panel shows about this HBO miniseries, drawing comparisons between our then-Japanese foe and present-day terrorists. The horror of war, loss of limbs, death and destruction, and the unbearable suffering endured by our brave fighting men is expected to rise to new heights in "The Pacific."

On the World War II casualty listing from Home Page Country, about a dozen fighting men lost their lives in the Pacific Theater. See the listing here.

Places like Eniwetok, Guadalcanal, Guam, Iwo Jima, Luzon, the Philippines, and Saipan are some wartime sites where some of our Home Page Country heroes fell. (Buzz Wagner, killed in a stateside plane crash, is included as he fought in the Battle of the Phillipines).

Ann Louise (Little) Jensen, daughter of the late Nanty Glo businessman Elmer Little, gave the Historical Society a large black Scrapbook she kept during the years of World War II. The Scrapbook contains poems, photos, and postcards she saved over this time period. She would cut out the many photos about the local men and women who went to fight that war and there are pages and pages of photos. The Society has taken the book apart (and put it back together again) and photocopied the pictures. The Scrapbook is available for viewing at the Nanty Glo Public Library. We invite the public to stop in and take a look, especially during the period of the HBO episodes of "The Pacific." A linked trailer on "The Pacific" follows.

— Frank Charney


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Bodily suffering makes wicked souls miserable, but borne with fortitude it purifies souls that are good.

— St. Augustine

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