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  Los Gatos Creek Trail, Segment Three
  Part Two, Vasona Lake County Park

This second part of the third segment of Los Gatos Creek Trail, or the third hike on that trail, all takes place inside Vasona Lake County Park in the town of Los Gatos. As the video shows, it is a popular park with lots of people using it for hiking, biking, just enjoying the fresh air, and taking their children on walks and to play on the playground equipment.

I stayed "in character" in my Santa hat and greeted those who made eye contact and smiled or spoke on the eve of Christmas eve, Thursday afternoon December 23.

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A Christmas 'extra':
an early Christmas 'carol'

One of my favorite living authors, Frederica Mathewes-Green whose books explaining the history and teachings of the Orthodox church I've found both enlightening and exceptionally readable, sent an email to her "fan list" yesterday with a Christmas song that I felt would make a worthy complement to the Halleluia Chorus videos from YouTube that I featured here on November 11 and December 6.

Presbytera Mathewes-Green (the title describes the wife of an Orthodox priest) sings a Christmas kontakion (a one- or two-verse hymn, in present usage) that might qualify for the earliest Christmas hymn or carol that is still used in churches every Christmas. It was written, according to tradition, around 518 A.D., by Romanus the Melodist, after he was visited in a dream by the Virgin Mary in answer to a prayer.

Though he was not formally educated, Romanus was a devout and humble worker in one of the churches in Constantinople who loved music and desired to produce it, and after his dream of the Virgin which gave him this Christmas hymn as his first composition, he went on to become the most productive composer of hymns in the eastern (Greek) church's history, some of which are still used also in the Roman Catholic church. I hope this ancient but still current Nativity hymn will bless your Christmas day.

Webmaster Jon Kennedy


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Today's chuckle

Question: Why was Santa's little helper depressed?
Answer: He had low elf esteem.

Thought for today

You have only to stay over Christmas with a family who seriously try to "keep" it (in its third, or commercial, aspect) in order to see that the thing is a nightmare. Long before December 25th everyone is worn out—physically worn out by weeks of daily struggle in overcrowded shops, mentally worn out by the effort to remember all the right recipients and to think out suitable gifts for them. They are in no trim for merry-making; much less (if they should want to) to take part in a religious act. They look far more as if there had been a long illness in the house.

C. S. Lewis (1898 - 1963)

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