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Shall We Gather At the River

A few weeks ago, I once again joined my friend Judy Martin at Mahaffey Camp where thousands of devout Christian Missionary Alliance church members gathered for their annual get-together. This year I was able to spend only one day at the camp, but during my short visit I managed to witness and videoape river baptisms. Under sunny skies, on the banks of the Susquehanna River in Mahaffey, approximately 35 people pledged and in some instances repledged their individual lives to Jesus Christ. Several entire families walked into the water and were baptized together.

Whatever one's religious affiliation, to witness the faithful pledge their lives to Christ is a moving experiencee...much as those who watched John the Baptist as he baptized the faithful in the waters of the Jordan River must have been moved.

Since my experience at Mahaffey Camp 2007, I have broached the subject of river baptisms with family and friends. The majority say they have never seen a true river baptism. The baptism video can be seen here.

This day in History

1832: Wilmore Post Office opens.

1875: Matthew Webb became the first person to swim the English Channel.

1916: The National Park Service was established.

1944: Paris was liberated by U.S. and French troops during World War ll.

1955: John L. Lewis announces 2.00 per day wage increase for miners.

Funny bones

A little girl walked into the bathroom while her mother was applying her makeup. "I'm going to look just like you, Mommy!" she announced.

"Maybe when you grow up," her mother told her.

"No,Mommy, tomorrow. I just put on some of that Oil of Old Lady you always use."

Greetings from Home Page Country

From Nanty Glo... Millie Fenchak sends greetings to friends near and far. Millie says her age is a closely guarded secret but admits to being the same age as my hubby. Hmmmm...

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Today's chuckle

Everyone is on this low-fat craze now. The Mayo Clinic just changed it's name to the Balsamic Vinaigrette Clinic.

—Buzz Nutley

Thought for today

So live that your memories will be part of your happiness.


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