Frank Charney

Frank Charney's Sunday Postcard


1947 Nanty Glo High School football squad at banquet

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Several months ago while visiting the Nanty Glo Library, I uncovered a picture in one of the many Nanty Glo Historical Society albums found there. It showed the 1947 NGHS Football Squad being feted by the Nanty Glo Lions Club. The picture was especially interesting to me, as I can recognize everyone in the picture. Many of the football team members shown are deceased, several having passed away at an extremely young age.

Following the same sequence as in the picture, sitting, left to right, front row, for players deceased - Roger Guella and Joseph Evaniscko have expired. Standing, left to right - Elmer Buige, coach; Philip (Blackie) LaMantia, John Pillock, Nick Kalenak, Charles Wurm, Jack Rodgers, and Paul Noble are no longer with us.

The picture brings back the recollection of Nanty Glo's fine group of adolescents of yesteryear. (For any readers who recognize any of the personnel shown, any comments or additional stories about them are welcomed.)

— Frank Charney



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