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Have you noticed an epidemic of "coverage" and attention on the danger of "bird flu," ranging from local front page news stories to network movies of the week? Does it seem that some of the media are so salivating over the prospect of such a big news event as millions dying in the biggest plague since 1918-19 that if it isn't happening they're going to imagine and "promote" it into existence? Does it seem to you that there has been a "pandemic of the year" for the past 20 years and that none of them have turned into pandemics? Do you wonder if the whole thing is a conspiracy hatched (so to speak) by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (especially frying chickens)?

My reputation with some list members as a troglodyte may be well deserved, but even I wonder if the world is a little cleaner, a little more knowledgeable about the spread of diseases and their prevention now than it was in 1919. Or not? What do you think? Could it happen to the extent that the doomsayers are predicting? Or am I tempting fate by even daring to doubt?

Thursday's most noteworthy news, in my way of reckoning, wasn't really "news" in the hard sense of the word, but a book review. It was a review of Tony Blankley's The West's Last Chance: Will we win the clash of civilizations? The editorial page editor of the Washington Times maintains that Europe is being turned into "Eurabia" (that's an almagamation of Europe and Arabia) by the combination of a rapid influx of Muslim immigrants and a dwindling birthrate among ethnic Europeans. Some of the most salient points from the review by Bill Muehlenberg in News Weekly:

A few hundred thousand Muslims lived in Europe 30 years ago. Today there are over 20 million, and the numbers are climbing fast. Now 40 per cent of the population in Rotterdam is Muslim. Surveys of British Muslims in 2004 found that 61 per cent wanted sharia (Islamic) law; 26 per cent believed Muslims had already integrated too much into British society; and only about 70 per cent would turn in a fellow Muslim if he were a terrorist. Anecdotal evidence also verifies the numbers. For example, today many European cities contain no-go zones into which ethnic Europeans—even armed police—dare not enter. ...There is also the decline of the very heart and soul of Europe. The continent's 2,000-year-old Judeo-Christian heritage—and all its fruit, including democracy, freedom and human rights—is in deep decline.

Which got me to thinking...Considering that trends in Europe usually arrive in the United States a few years later, and that the U.S. birthrate is already below replacement level, perhaps America's immigration problem with Mexico isn't as big a problem as some would have us believe. Some may think (though if they are in politics they could never say so) that it's more of a solution than a problem.

Finally...Happy Mother's Day, on Sunday, to all the moms out there; many happy returns!

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