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Round three

On Friday, my book project entered the third round of writing/editing. That seems like the bad news, but the good news side of it is that this is the "production" round; preparing it for printing. Best scenario—in a few weeks it could be ready for printing. But we'll have to see how much is expected in repairing and pruning. At the least, chapter one—"The Jesus of the Stable"—has to be reworked. Or maybe the reworking I did this weekend will be enough. I'm not good at guessing how editors more than 3,000 miles away are thinking. And thousands of words have to be cut because I threw everything I knew and even more things I found out when producing the first draft, out of fear I wasn't doing enough.

The relevance for all this for the Home Page is that it may or may not interfere with my ability to keep the flow of Jonal Postcards going over the next few weeks. So please hang loose...and Judy Rose has said she has a few tricks up her sleeve in case I need some pinch-hitting or filling-in.

Meanwhile, my friend and former writing student Meera Lester's book on Mary Magdalene in this same series has hit the bookstores in time to capitalize on the next wave of interest in Mary Magdalene that the release of the film version of The Da Vinci Code is expected to ignite (the movie premiere is scheduled for May if the lawsuit against the book in London courts doesn't delay it, which is a possiblity; if copyright infringement in the book is found by a court, the movie rights will also be in dispute). Click here for a preview of Ms. Lester's book.

Oscar upset Not having seen any of the nominated movies, I probably don't have the right to have an opinion on last night's Oscar winners. And in fact, I don't have much of an opinion except to say that it's a little bit reassuring that there are still enough mavericks in Hollywood to upset the steam-roller that was in motion for Brokeback Mountain. Ironically, from all I've read, I'm more likely to some day watch Brokeback Mountain on DVD or television than Crash, but I'm still glad Brokeback didn't win best picture, just because it is so politically incorrect that it wasn't the sure thing all the "insiders" were predicting.

And I take perverse pleasure in learning yesterday that my pick for last year's best film, even though I haven't seen it, either, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, is one of the year's top box office successes while the ticket sales figures for Brokeback Mountain are being treated by a trade secret, indicating that they're nothing to boast about for the year's most honored flick (which it still is, losing the best-picture Oscar notwithstanding).

Some of the current readers probably don't remember that I used to publish movie reviews here on the Home Page. Even after I took a job that made it impossible for me to attend most of the screenings for reviews, I carried a colleague's reviews for a time. But they elicited zero interest from the readers at the time, so I discontinued them.

So. Has anyone out there seen either Crash or Brokeback Mountain and, if so, what did you think. Or did you watch the Oscarcast (I did not, but followed the news from it online last evening), and what were your impressions?

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