Judy Rose's Saturday Roundup

Super Bowl Fever...Pittsburgh Steeler Mania
Judy Rose
Judy Rose

The boys from Blitzburgh will Git 'er done! From the Nanty Glo Journal....There was no lack of enthusiasm around the third-graders at Blacklick Valley Elementary School this past Friday as they virtually all joined in a Black and Gold Day in support of the Pittsburgh Steelers. "Steeler Fever" has caught on and spread like wildfire throughout the region.


Mystery Person of the Week

'Who Am I?'

This 1948 graduate of Nanty Glo High School was known as the senior spitfire with a pleasant smile. Along with being a member of the Y-Teens, Dramatic Club, Foreign Language Club, she was Literary Editor on the Echo staff.


Update: Last week's mystery person was Nancy Ritchey.


People Who Influence Our Lives

John Jay
December 12, 1745 - May 17, 1827

A lawyer and New York state representative, he would become one of the most important founders of our country. As the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, appointed by George Washington, he became a strong advocate of the Constitution. He wrote the controversial Jay's Treaty that allowed British ships to inspect American ships suspected of carrying supplies to France, Britain's enemy. He contributed five essays to the Federalist Papers, which called for the approval of the Constitution.

Bible Trivia

The Apostle Paul warned Christians about being "yoked" with unbelievers.


'New' Library of Congress Nanty Glo photos from 1937

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Today's chuckle

My wife was so jealous, she would look at the calendar and insist on knowing who May was.

—Rodney Dangerfield

Thought for today

We need someone to believe in us...if we do well, we want our work commended, our faith corroborated. The individual who thinks well of you, who keeps his mind on your good qualities, and does not look for your flaws, is your friend. Who is my brother? I'll tell you: he is the one who recognizes the good in me.

—Elbert Hubbard

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