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Bright Monday

The day after Pascha ("Easter") is known in Eastern Orthodoxy as "Bright Monday," and the rest of the week following as "Bright Week." Our Pascha services take place between 10:30 p.m. Saturday and 1:30 a.m. Sunday. We observe a Eucharistic fast most of the preceding day but despite the hunger, once the services are over so late, I'm too tired to eat more than an Easter egg (and in my case, being late-onset diabetic, that's not a candy egg).

Two Nanty Glo list members, Judy Rose, visiting from Revloc, and Sallie Covolo, married to Nanty Glo native Dominick Covolo and long-time resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, were at St. Stephens for our Pascha services, and after getting up late the next morning we got together for brunch at my favorite bistro, and then I took the "gerichicks" for a tour of one of my favorite places in the world, the Stanford University Campus (where I was a campus minister from 1972 through 1983). With no additional ado, here are a couple looks at our campus tour yesterday.

"Gerichicks" Judy Rose, left, and Sallie Covolo on the campus of Stanford on April 23. Behind Sallie's head is seen the main landmark of the West Coast's most prestigious university, the Hoover Tower, which is the main building of the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library.

Atop the Hoover Tower, a docent offered to take our picture with the dramatic views of the campus below.

Stanford boasts one of the world's most complete collections of Rodin statues. Here, in the campus museum, Mrs. Covolo and Mrs. Rose read the caption on Rodin's most famous work, "The Thinker."

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