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  Air Force Association - Pennsylvania

Lt. Col. BD "Buzz" Wagner

Chapter 221

An Independent Non Profit Aerospace Organization


Volume 22 – Number
Johnstown, Pa.
March 2006
President: William Burns
Vice President:      Lou Foreback
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112 Rosemary Lane
Secretary:              Robert Rutledge
(814) 255-1598
Johnstown, Pa.    15905
Treasurer:              James Kirkstadt
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(814)  255-1598
Newsletter:            Bob Rutledge
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Next Meeting:        Date:      March 10, 2006          Time:      6:00 p.m.

Place:    Johnstown-John Murtha Airport Community Room

                   Dinner:   5:00 p.m. Sassy’s Airport Restaurant solarium  


Please contact Bill Burns, Jim Kirkstadt or Bob Rutledge by March 8th
if you are planning to have dinner.

From the Editor

This meeting is dedicated to a presentation by Col. James Moschgat, an Air Force active duty officer who plans to write a scholarly article about Buzz Wagner’s exploits after he returned from the Pacific.  The main focus of the article will be his disappearance on 29 Nov 42, the search for his missing aircraft, and the mishap that took his life.  To that end, he has been to the AF Museum, the Smithsonian, the National Archives, the Cambria County Library, and the USAF Historical Research Agency.  He has also corresponded with at least a dozen people who served with or for Buzz Wagner in the Philippines and Australia, including one gentleman in Reno, NV who was Wagner’s administrative clerk with the 17th Fighter Squadron.   He hoped to have much of his research completed by the end of 2005 and then shoot for publication in November 2006 to correspond with the 64th anniversary of Wagner’s disappearance in Florida.  Col Moschgat hopes to locate Wagner’s crash site in Florida. The site has been lost to history, but he has managed to narrow the location to about a 3-square-mile area on the Eglin AFB range complex.  He made at least a dozen trips to the area with a metal detector last fall, but came up empty handed each time.  When he finds the site, he proposes that we place a memorial marker on the site.  If the Buzz Wagner AFA Chapter would pick up the cost, Col. Moschgat will work out the details with Eglin AFB officials.  

Finally, during his research he was able to track down Buzz Wagner’s last surviving direct relative, his nephew, an AF colonel who retired in 1990.  Col. Moschgat recently met with him to discuss the project and he was very impressed with what was accomplished.   He threw his full support behind the efforts and vowed to back Col. Moschgat up in any way possible.  More importantly, he gave the Col. all of Buzz Wagner’s remaining personal effects, including reports, letters, newspaper clippings, citations, high school and college yearbooks, photo albums, and the like.  With that information in hand, Col. Moschgat is contemplating going beyond a simple magazine article and writing a full biography on Johnstown’s most famous pilot.  Of course, time will tell on that score. Share this informative presentation with family and friends.  Bring them along!!


Chapter Activities

With time permitting, we will conduct a business session to plan some activities for the coming year.  First and foremost will be the Junior ROTC awards ceremonies, which normally take place in late April, and Early May.  We have not yet been notified by detachment s in the Ligonier Valley School District and the Marion Center School District as to the date and time of their annual awards ceremonies. As in past years, the chapter we be represented and make the approiate AFA award presentation to the selected cadet.  Suggestions for any other activities are always welcome.  We will discuss how we can support the local Air National Guard unit and if we would like to try another picnic for them sometime during the summer months.  Armed forces Day and Memorial Day activities are approaching and we will discuss what participation the chapter will have at that time. It is hopeful that we will be able to renew our connection with the local CAP unit to support our common goals.

State and Region Workshop

Chapter Secretary and Pennsylvania State President Bob Rutledge will be attending the annual North East Region Workshop, which will be combined with the quarterly Pennsylvania State meeting on March 10-12, 2006.  The meetings will be held at the Nichols Village Resort in Clarks Summit Pa.  Bob regrets that he will miss this chapter meeting, and hopes that all in attendance find Col. Moschgat’s presentation very informative.

Welcome To New Members

It is a pleasure to welcome new or re-affiliated members to the Buzz Wagner Chapter. Those members are:  Thomas Murphy, Dennis Berezansky, Alan Lehman, Lawrence Hileman, Paul Keck, and Georgean Seese.   Thank You!

A special thanks to those of you that have renewed your membership for another year.

Lt. Col. B.D.” Buzz” Wagner Chapter 221

Air Force Association

295 Cinema Drive

Johnstown, Pa.  15905