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No more Mr. nice guy I've followed Jay Leno for many years and have noticed that since the death of his parents he has persistently slid from his early personna as nice-guy comic to a defender and—marginal—purveyor of sleaze. The most noticeable frolic in the muck is his current series of jokes on Tonight Show monologues from last week and this about the Bush Administration's "war on pornography." As with his evolution to proponent of the gay movement's whole agenda, now Leno is openly supportive of the porn industry, night after night berating anyone who opposes pornography as out of touch with reality or the times. There is some truth in that, of course, but it raises the greater question...whose truth, and what truth?

Vintondale project wins national recognition The Tribune-Democrat reported on Sunday that the Vintondale "brownfields cleanup" has been given "the Community Impact Award for mine-scarred lands," called the Phoenix Award. The Johnstown-based AMD and Art, Inc., cleaned up a 35-acre wetlands area near the main portal to Vintondale mines and the still-standing rock dump between Plank Road and the Ghost Town Trail. The cleanup included major reclamation of waters polluted by acid mine drainage (AMD) on the site, and the art entailed the installation of a large miners' memorial relief piece at the former mine entrance, captured on the Home Page in a still-photo gallery and a video clip, both by Judy Rose. “We took a former colliery site and turned it into a special public park that celebrates doing something about a huge environmental problem in coal country,” the Tribune-Democrat quoted T. Allen Comp, founder and volunteer director of the nonprofit project as saying. “It also celebrates the capacity of a community of 500 people to partner with others to make something happen.” AMD and Art turned over the 35-acre park to Vintondale Borough in July after spending 10 years on the cleanup. (This item is the exception to today's "peeves" heading.)

Fair, balanced? When the New York Times was disgraced over the Jayson Blair scandal two years ago, I wrote in Xnmp along these lines: "but what he's accused of doing is no more distorted or dishonest than headlines and stories that pass unnoticed in the Times and other papers every day." It was one of those assertions that stick with you: Can you really support this claim? And since then I've found lots of corrorboration of it week after week both in the Times and in other allegedly accurate and unbiased media. One of the worst has been the headline, this week, "Christian School Expels Girl for Having Lesbian Parents," which by my research must have been (with only slight variation) at the top of stories in more newspapers this week than just about any other story except the weather. The headline is a lie. The school dismissed the girl because her guardians, two lesbians, didn't fit the school's requirements that at least one parent be a practicing Christian which, by the school's definition, and that of the church catholic since circa 35 A.D., includes not participating in any adulterous or fornication-based relationships. As lesbianism is by definition a fornication-based relationship (falling under what Judeo-Christianity has always defined loosely as adultery), they had to lie to get the girl into the school. The lie was recently exposed so the girl's acceptance at the school was revoked. So why is this story worth even reporting in any public media (especially as the "mothers" said they didn't plan to fight the school's decision) when it concerns private acts between consenting adults and their relationship with a private school? It makes sense only if the publishing media are grinding the gay-agenda axe, as obviously they are.

Similarly misleading was a headline on an editorial in Thursday's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "Hard to believe / Pennsylvania hosts its own Scopes trial." Well, there are some similarities between the case now being argued in the central Pennsylvania town of Dover and Scopes. The main one is that the national media are again, as they did in "Scopes," trying to turn a public debate about origins and a school district's quest for just a smidgen of educational justice into a circus and an opportunity to force their god-denying worldview down the throats of unsuspecting readers. All of the reporting in the left-of-the-national-median publications I've read on "intelligent design" has been basically untrue, as the Post-Gazette's unthinking "think piece/editorial" is. Such reporting has been giving none of the actual argumentation for intelligent design, they let the extreme-Left ACLU and the establishment "scientists" have all the quotes, with no balanced presentations of the arguments presented by scientists like William Dembski. The media do this on the pretense that they have to "dumb down" their presentation of the facts to make them "understandable" (by which they mean, "understood the way we understand them") to their presumed fifth-grade-reading-level readers.

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The trouble with being punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate it.

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