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As Friday is my work-from-home day, there's a sense in which Fridays are the beginning of my weekends, though they are also the longest workday in my week. I say that to set up my claim that I've now made it through a week of work back home from my vacation in Home Page Country, and I'm now almost over my jet lag. Maybe it was the four-hour layover in Houston on the way back to San Jose. Maybe it has to do with all the meds I take these days for diabetes and hypertension, maybe a lot of it is "vacation post-partum" or depression, if you can relate with that. Maybe I'm just imagining what's been ailing me is jet lag, but it's been with me ever since I disembarked from the jet in San Jose's Norman Mineta Third World International Airport. (I call it "third world" because it's the only first-class city airport I know of this side of the Eastern Bloc that uses rollup staircases to get passengers on and off jet airliners. And. of course, I do it to rib the local gentry, as though any of them will ever see this.)

But all of this is not an excuse for today's Jonal. (There's no excusing that; [rimshot].) But maybe, just maybe, there is some connection between my jet lag and the ennui that has my creative muses lagging despite having a cornucopia of material on hand ready to be used. Sometimes there's too little available, so why not the opposite: so much it's overwhelming. I have a lot in my Friday pocket, but all I seem able to use is this:

Two weeks ago today I made an unplanned and unrehearsed stop on my way back to Johnstown for the night at the Galleria, a section of which is shown above. I find it amusing that during my regular life I hardly ever visit malls and avoid just about any kind of shopping most of the time, but when I'm "back home," I am curious enough to check out the stores. This was my second visit to the Galleria and I'm still impressed. I would prefer carpeted mall walks to the tile floors, but still it's a very classy operation that greater Johnstown can be proud of. I always marvel about the fact that throughout my growing-up years there was only one escalator in downtown Johnstown (in Glosser's) and even when the Richland Mall was the prestige shopping venue, there were still no escalators. But the Galleria has as many as any "real city" mall.

I also visited the new shopping center at the former Richland Mall site and it's coming along quite nicely. Still no Starbucks, but Wednesday's Tribune-Democrat assures us that's coming, just around the corner.

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