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Friday pocket pickin's

On my arrival back home in San Jose on Tuesday, though it was only 11 o'clock California time, I was so bushed I couldn't put fingers to keyboard to write a Jonal entry. And it may have been for the best, as I had been intending to call it "Mission Accomplished." I had left Nanty Glo convinced the webcam project that had occupied most of my vacation time and attention had succeeded, but by Wednesday it was apparent that something had gone seriously awry and by Thursday all hope (at least for the short term) had to be abandoned. Mission scuttled. The Nanty Glo Home Page webcam is another of those unfulfilled dreams in life. The photo above, which I saved as it was one of the most interesting shots that I saw through it, may be the last it ever produced. Or not?

We're investigating why the webcam is now offline and why it wasn't producing any usable pictures all day Thursday. We'll keep you posted.

Otherwise, my visit back to Home Page Country, though short, was sweet. I had been dreading the flights, as the year before my brother Bob and I waited in an airport for more than eight hours (either standing or sitting on our luggage because American West didn't have the courtesy or intelligence to offer us a place to sit) for a plane to replace the one we were supposed to fly from San Jose to Pittsburgh but became disabled before takeoff. And my son, having flown to Vermont just two weeks earlier this month, had encountered delays at two airports. But on that score Continental Airlines (which I hadn't flown before) got me to all my destinations on schedule. And the Motel 6 at Pittsburgh International is still the best lodging bargain in Western Pennsylvania.

I'll save for later some of the other highlights of the trip, but the most unusual thing that happened is borderline bizarre. On the plane from Houston (Continental's hub) to Pittsburgh I sat next to a couple that one of the flight attendants referred to as the lovebirds. They were reading a book I had once-at-a-time taught in my campus ministry, but I resisted the temptation to engage in conversation. We exchanged a few pleasantries, like "Is Pittsburgh home?" and that was it. Until the night before my return flight. For something to do and because I'd never done it before, I found my way to the Duquesne Incline Plane at Pittsburgh and had just sat down in the funicular for the trip down the hillside when the young woman from the plane spotted me and exclaimed, "Weren't you in the same flight we were last week?" We were all amazed and even more dumbfounded to find that though they had headed from Pittsburgh to West Virginia and I to points east, we were booked into the same flight back to Houston on Tuesday. Other people on the Incline joined the conversation and someone suggested we exchange lottery tickets. We didn't. But next day...who came to occupy the same row I was in on the plane to Houston but Melissa and Jimmy!

Small world or what?

Webmaster Jon Kennedy


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