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A good time was had by all

Saturday's vacation day in Home Page country was the first with partly cloudy, largely sunny, skies (the previous ones overcast and drizzling), and the weather couldn't have been better for our Tour de Ghost Town Trail than it was. Breezy, good light for photos, neither too cool or too hot. But despite the moderate temperatures, it was impossible to not get overheated on the way back from Vintondale to Nanty Glo. Though the only hint on the bike-ride to Vintondale is that on the way from Nanty Glo the pedaling is easy, as soon as you turn back to Glotown you realize you're trying to ascend a mountain to get back. So it took at least twice as long for the return trip than the one "down" to Vintondale. Which meant Judy Rose and I, the only ones up to the biking challenge, were late for our own roast.

And speaking for myself only, sore and hardly able to either stand or sit after the ride. But our eager roasters were waiting unfazed by our being over a half-hour late in arriving at the Niner Diner. We fared sumptiously (though I'm not used to this Pennsylvania habit of putting French fries in salads), and then heard searing roast speeches by John Golias and Judy Rose, followed by conciliatory remarks by your humbled webmaster. I won't reveal all that my adversaries claimed in their remarks, but there is a video record of it all, and I will attest that much of it was bereft of factual basis. But that's the idea of a roast, I guess.

The attendees, shown above, from left to right, back row: Helen Dugan, Teresa Golias, Judy Rose, your's truly, Hobe Rose, and John Golias.

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