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Monday's Jonal, "Bad Science," inspired more response than any in quite a while. All but two of the responses were negative, as though it's not nice to fool with Mother Science and that I was guilty of that, and most of the naysayers seemed to be interpreting my remarks as anti-evolution, though I've repreatedly said in these pages that I affirm evolution as part of the grand scheme of things; I accept theistic evolution and I also believe that if there is a God, He's the most intelligent designer the world has ever, so to speak, seen. And even more importantly, I think the best science proves that chance plus time could not have possibly "created" the level of complexity that the world exhibits on every turn without divine interpolations, but I don't pretend to be a scientist. It's just common sense that a potato eye could not have evolved into a seeing eye, which is the kind of jump the evolutionists want us to take. And yes, I'm exaggerating to make my point, but I think that's the level of seriousness the evolutionists' deserve for their "theory" about seeing eyes evolving on the epidermises of the primitive creatures we evolved from.

There is, of course, a world of difference between evolution as the study of similarities and relations among species, classes, and genuses of living things and whether and how they've changed over the ages, and evolutionism, which is the religion or worldview based on the proposition that everything can and should be explained in evolutionary models, without reference to any Creator, and which was the topic of Monday's Jonal. I strongly believe that if human beings in general are larger than our forebears of a century ago were, and if we live longer than our great-grandparents, it has more to do with our diet, pastuerized milk, medicines, higher survival rates after birth, and vitamins, than it does with time plus chance equals improvement in the race. And I devoutly do not think that our human race is turning into a superhuman one. But I appreciate every response and wish more would join the, fun!

Thursday's Tribune-Democrat featured a preview of the extension of our Ghost Town Trail from Nanty Glo, east to Ebensburg. You would think someone would let me know these things, but I had no idea that project was ready to open as soon as October 20. I'll have to check it out on my planned visit to Home Page Country next week, but in general this development gives me a sinking feeling. Nanty Glo's claim to fame as the entryway to the Ghost Town Trail (one of the few such claims we had left) has just been snatched away by Grubsnebe (that's Ebensburg spelled backwards), as it has snatched away so many of our best people and some of our businesses over the past 50 years.

My national news comment for this week involves Bill Clinton, though I am not one of those conservatives who look for opportunities to castigate or lambaste our former President. But this item is too significant in terms or my own worldview and teaching themes than its relevance to Mr. Clinton. It's an article in Tuesday's Ottawa (Canada) Sun which is a survey on the sex lives of middle school and high school students in that city, which found what it calls the "Clinton defence." The research found that more and more teenagers are, much more frequently than their predecessor generations, engaging in oral sex. And they, by large margins, insist that oral sex is not "sex," and that is called (not by me but by the writers for this liberal tabloid paper) "the Clinton defence." This proves my long-held conviction that the President of the United States has no higher responsibility than exemplary moral leadership and modeling. Most of those who voted for Clinton knew he could not be that kind of example, said it didn't matter, and voted for him anyway. It's not about him, of course, it's about our next President and the one after that and, even more importantly, our nation's and our younger generation's souls.

Finally in this week's collection of pocket lint, I want to share the discovery made just yesterday of a Christian writer/speaker who has significant roots in Home Page Country, as a graduate of the former St. Francis College and Seminary and where he was ordained as a Franciscan priest, who has a national following, mainly in evangelical Protestant circles and whose books, as described, seem worth checking into. Featured in Thursday's Christianity Today eletter, he may already be familiar to some of you because many of you may have cable access to EWTN, the Catholic cable channel, which I do not receive, and on which he frequently appears. He is Brennan Manning, who calls himself a ragamuffin Christian, a concept that's worth checking out.

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