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Bad science

I'm not greatly invested in the decision, either way, in the current case regarding intelligent design in Dover, Pa. Though of course I support the Christians (the Catholic public interest law firm, the Thomas Moore Center, is conducting the defense) in their quest for educational justice, I doubt that this is the venue in which such justice will be won. It will only be won in America whenever our schools become truly pluralistic, meaning that all schools will be recognized as educating legitimate segments of the tax-paying public, and each segment of that public—this being a pluralistic nation—should have the right to conduct education based on its own world view without interference from any governmental agency. It seems like a fantasy, but believe me there are much more leftwing nations than ours that already have much more just systems of education than ours. The key word here is "vouchers," though it could be achieved in other means. But a Cleveland-area school district has already won the US Supreme Court's approval for its voucher system which includes school systems funded from the general education tax base, without religious tests, so it could spread quickly. And if the Dover school board (which ironically is for intelligent design) loses, that loss may hasten the realization that parents can't get justice through the courts and have to develop political strategies to introduce acceptable voucher school plans.

But taking a higher place in my thinking today is the whole question of the scientific establishment in America supporting totalitarianism in our schools in the name of "scientific truth," especially in the light of virtually nothing having to do with evolution being scientifically provable, much less proven. Granted, there is fossil evidence for some evolutionary propositions, but there is no repeatable scientific proof in the sense the scientific elite always says is required in any other case regarding scientific validity.

But establishment scientism has long been on the side of totalitarianism. Despite the fact that the twentieth century could be called the first century of modern science, the record of scientism in the century is abysmal. Consider Maoist China, where the naturalistic scientists are preferred by government above any historic religion, and university students are mowed down by tanks in the nation's sacred square. Consider Hitler's Reich, where in the name of science and proving evolutionary genetic hypotheses, six million Jews were subjected to human engineering experiments, and then exterminated. Consider the USSR's Stalin, who liquidated tens of thousands of clergymen and millions of lay Christians in the name of scientific necessity and experimentation, and turned the churches and monasteries into scientific research centers and museums, which in the end only proved that the human soul could not so easily be quenched. No wonder the American establishment scientific elite, in league with virtually all the elite media, are so desperate for a victory in the stacked courts.

For have no doubts: scientism (the religion of naturalism as defined by the scientific elite) is not winning the war in the hearts and minds of the American public. When "Scopes Trials," as they mockingly call them, break out in Pennsylvania's heartland and in Kansas City, and even threatening to do so in ultra-liberal New England, it's no longer a "buckle on the Bible belt" phenomenon. They know intelligent design makes sense, it is supported by good science, and they're willing to go to any extreme to destroy that opposition to their gains, in the last century, for naturalistic atheism.

But the blood of the martyrs has always been and still will continue to be the seed of the church, though here I'm not referring to any particular church or even religious movement, but all those who stand for the truth of the irrefutable logic that the world could not have evolved by any other means than through an infinitely intelligent designer. And unlike many of the articles in the Christian press defending intelligent design, I don't deny that it's religious, because as I've said here many times, life is religion. And evolutionism is even more religious, by far, than intelligent design, because it is based on far flimsier evidences and rational foundations, requiring far more blind faith than any Christian sect has to muster.

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It's amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world everyday always just exactly fits the newspaper.

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A little philosophy inclineth man's mind to atheism, but depth in philosophy bringeth men's minds about to religion.

—Francis Bacon (1561 - 1626), an architect of the scientific revolution

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