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Wednesday, May 20 2005
Jon Kennedy, webmaster

Creativity and liberalism

The flash of insight I described on Wednesday, which I could call an insight into my spirituality, was accompanied by another perception that was more sociopolitical. That was that "creativity" or creating one's own world, your own future, is a fundamental tenet of the liberalism of our time, at least what could be called the "fundamentalist" or "orthodox" far-left liberalism. Bill Clinton, Jerry Brown, Jerry Springer, Alan Colmes and a few high-profile Democrats oppose this leftwing "orthodoxy," in favor of bringing most Americans into a middle ground ruled by compromise and accommodation. But Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy, Robert B. Reich, Maureen Dowd and most of the ideologues at MoveOn.org, the New York Times, Air America and other radical bastians, want all-out culture war. When the candidate I saw in the video clip referred to changing the world, though I don't consider myself any kind of psychic or prophet, I was struck by the bone-deep conviction: "This is this woman's hope, her bedrock certitude; her religion."

Simultaneously, I remembered an earlier similar epiphany, all the way back to the late 1960s. Lyndon Johnson, the President by way of a tragic coincidence, spoke on TV of education as the nation's hope, its future. And I knew it as sure as I did my own hope: he was confessing his faith, at least in the civil religion sense of the word; it was the thing he pinned the nation's future and his own political future on, regardless of how truly he believed in it as capable of delivering on all the pie-in-the-sky promises he invested into it. I wasn't even 30 yet when that happened, more than half of my lifetime ago. I wasn't capable then of processing it "on the fly," as I did this candidate's more recent "confession of faith." I wasn't sure enough of myself for that. But I stored it in my grey matter and it came back for reconsideration now.

Of course I could be wrong now about some of the details or even about the conclusions, though the candidates'—in both the LBJ and the more recent cases—their own words were aimed at getting an "amen" to their most basic convictions. But my immediate take was, "how tragic." And, "no wonder they invest their whole lives promoting the elusive dream of 'education' as though it can save our souls." And, "no wonder they want no part of 'creationism' or 'intelligent design'—much less the Creator or the Intelligent Designer—as to them those are fundamental tenets of the competing, supernatural, religion that they don't even want to know. They've chosen. This is their program, their hope, their church."

This is why "change your world," "create your future," "never stop pushing progressively on" even if "progressing" hasn't been defined since Marx and Engels, remains their mantra. If the supernaturalists prevail, liberals like these lose everything. To them, there's no happy middle ground where all Americans can and should meet regularly. To them the middle ground is just where they run to lob their next shots into the enemy camp.


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Why do I have to swear on the Bible in court when the Ten Commandments cannot be displayed in a federal building?

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Among mortals, second thoughts are wisest.

Euripides (Greek  
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