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 Thursday, March 24, 2005 

By Judy Rose

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Then and Now

Blacklick Township High School...This photo of the former Blacklick Township High School building, on Route 271 at Red Mill Road near Belsano, was taken in 1961. The two-story section of the building was put up in 1917 as Reed Vocational High School, but the technical school did not prove profitable, so Cambria County Judge Samuel Lemon Reed (1864-1934), who was at the time Belsano's most distinguished and most likely most affluent resident, donated the school to the township. The first graduating class was in 1920 and the last class to graduate from the building was in 1966, although the building continued to be used for classes until 1969. The building was sold to Rummel Brothers Lumber Company in 1970. In August, 1925, a one-room portable school was added to help with overcrowding. A six-room addition, the building's left wing, was added in 1927, the construction by Dilling & Barnhart of Nanty Glo at a cost of $30- to $35,000, paid for out of tax revenue, no bond issue. At the same time, central heating, electricity, indoor plumbing, running water, indoor restrooms and a ventilating system were added to the building. In 1928 the students gathered 520 signatures on a petition that was presented to the school board asking that a gym be constructed. A 47- x 83-foot gym that was 18 feet high and could accommodate 300 people was opened to accolades from the county superintendent of schools, who called it "the finest gym in the county outside of Johnstown and Portage." The gym is located behind the two-story building at right and is not visible in the photo above, but is in the one below. Rummel Brothers removed the one-story addition, left, and in 2003 the gym was used for what the owners hoped would be the first of a yearly Country Music Festival. The time clock in the gym was plugged in and despite dust and dirt from lumbering, was still functional. The postcard photo is a special Sesquicentennial of Blacklick Township card printed in 2000. Many thanks to Desmond Warzel who supplied much of the information for this caption. A pre-sesquicentennial version of the photo, colorized by webmaster Jon Kennedy (BTHS '60), is the centerpiece of the Blacklick Township Home Page.



Blacklick Township High the remains of the building appears in 2005. The grounds surrounding the old school have been tidied up somewhat. Several old cars have been removed and some of the wild underbrush that grew up in the years a lumber mill occupied the site has been cut away.
Memories anyone?


Greetings from Home Page Country!

From Nanty Glo....Jeff Cornely sends greetings to Home Page Country.

"Hi Folks!"


Funny Bones

An employer complained in a staff meeting that he wasn't getting any respect. Later that morning, he went to a local sign shop and bought a small sign that read, "I'm the boss." He then affixed it to his office door. When he returned from lunch, he found that someone had taped a note to the sign that said: "Your wife called. She wants her sign back."

Bible Trivia


Who was known as a "mighty hunter before the Lord"?

a. David     b. Gideon     c. Nimrod     d. Ishmael
Genesis 10:9
See Saturday's Page for the answer.


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