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Thursday, March 3, 2005

By Judy Rose

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Then and Now

A. A. Dietrich Hardware & Davison's Pharmacy...Few if any people in Nanty Glo can remember this version of the A. A. Dietrich Hardware, sharing the large building at the corner now known as Roberts and Bank streets. The postcard picture was not postally used. A report in the Good Old Days department of the Mountaineer Herald in 2000 said that the Davisons Pharmacy was bought by Max Schmidt of Hollidaysburg in February 1910. Later, that pharmacy closed and Dietrich eliminated the long steps at the front of the building, moving the doorway to the Bank Street corner of the building. Elderly Valley residents remember the large swordfish that hung in the office area and each fall, as hunting season approached, Mr. Dietrich will fill the front windows with real multicolored leaves, a huge mounted black bear, and various hunting paraphernalia, including guns, bullets, hunting clothes such as the popular Woolrich red and black plaid outfits many hunters then wore. On October 1, 1945, Dietrich retired and sold the business to Clyde Hawksworth, who had been an employee of the store since June 1913. Hawksworth continued to operate the store with sons Leroy ("LC") and Harry ("Ham"). In 1959, Milford "Slim" Emery moved the Nanty Glo News Stand and Economy Store from the Miners Hall to the Hardware location, but not before he completely remodeled the building, returning its entrance back to front and center. Later, Emery sold the business to Eugene Stephens, who kept it open until June 1991. If you have a Wagner or Griswold cast iron frypan, there's a good chance it was purchased at Dietrich's Hardware. A sign visible in the pharmacy advertises Buckingham Cigars for five cents.

This card is from the collection of William L. Martin



This is how the site appears in 2005. The building recently had the front remodeled for a fourth time with the addition of faux logs and smaller windows.


Greetings from Home Page Country!

From Mississippi...Nanty Glo native Rich Dilling sends greetings to Home Page Country.

Howdy Y'all!

Funny Bones

A man is feeling poorly, so he visits his doctor. After numerous tests, the doctor says, "I'm sorry, but you have an incurable disease. I can't do anything for you." The man pleads with the doctor to suggest anything he might do to improve his condition. The doctor suggests a daily mud bath at the local spa. "Is there any hope of a cure?" the man asks. "No," the doctor replies, but it will help you get used to dirt."

Bible Trivia


What is the more commonly-known name of the Bible character Hadassah?

a. Abraham               b. Esther

c. Gideon   d. Mary Magdalene 

Esther 2:7

See Saturday's Page for the answer.


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