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Monday, June 13 2005
Jon Kennedy, webmaster

Better, or worse,
'society' since 1960?

I was disappointed at the meager response to Friday's question: "Have the social changes since 1960 made for a much better society today than then? What changes do you think of as bringing progress, and which have brought social decline?" Sallie added this to my list of positives and negatives:

"All I can think of is that children could more or less roam free on their bikes and play in the neighborhoods in the 60's and they have to be very careful now like hunted animals. In the 1960's I would have felt safe to walk down just about any street with my kids and now I feel you have to look over your shoulder."

To which Paul responded: "Sallie, I was in NG last year for a class reunion. I felt so safe that I was almost bored. Please tell me my beloved home town is still safe. It surely seemed that way."

Judy replied that today most mothers have to work outside the home because of government policies resulting in low wages (presumably for the principal breadwinner). This has led to many social dysfunctions, like juvenile drug and alcohol abuse, and sexual experimentation.

There were also comments about the war in Iraq and the decline of drive-in movies, but I found no way to make either of them fit into a point Positive or Negative on the table below. However, that did get me to thinking of another positive, which is the only addition to the left column on the list below. To my original list, I've put into my own words and in white type-color what I believe are fair summaries of Sallie's and Judy's new contributions.

Changes since 1960—half full or half empty?
Youth more "independent" because of high- tech entertainment (e.g., video games, audio systems, personal computers)Less freedom for youth to "run free"
Moms "have" to work outside the home now, because of economic factors
After great disruption, improved racial harmony Proliferation of and free access to pornography
More openness to discussing "real" social issuesDeterioration of social civility, good manners
Freedom for—and of—distinctive personal stylesTen-fold increase in unmarried couples living together
Increased social disapproval of active adulterySoaring divorce rate; "broken families" virtually the norm
Openness about the role of God and "religion" in personal lifeOpen hostility toward God and religion from the left
Revolutionized telecommunications technologyLoss of "free time," face-to-face communication, and relaxation
Higher ethical standards in politics, workplacesLoss of innocence for children and adolescents

I hope more feedback will come in, including responses to any of the current list. Do you disagree with some? Do you think they need "tweaking"? Next time, I'll take up my thoughts on the list up to now.


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Parish magazine misprints

In reverse order of popularity, the Parish Pump Top 10 Church Magazine Misprints were as follows:

6. Just how far was the destination, wonders shipmate Kat, when the weekly notice sheet at Aylesbury Methodist Church, Bucks, energetically announced:

“The Wesley Guild walk will start from the Hen and Chickens car park at 10 a.m. Please bring a packed lung.”

Thought for today

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

William Butler Yeats  
(Irish poet, 1865-1939)  

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